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How to recognize bait and switch tactics

You have probably received coupons in your local paper advertising cleaning services at costs too good to be true. When the company arrives, you find that though they had advertised a certain low price, your bill is much higher due to upcharges, add-ons, and other hidden fees and costs that weren’t made clear to you. This scam is called “bait and switch,” and it is an unscrupulous tactic used all too frequently among cleaning companies. By learning more about this tactic, you will be able to recognize bait & switch companies and avoid them.

Bait & switch is a fraudulent practice used by many carpet cleaning companies who advertise a certain price, then add hidden fees to arrive at a much higher cost for your final bill. The customer is “baited” with the promise of a low-cost service, then finds out too late that the product or service has been “switched” by the company in a way that can be downright unfair to the customer.

Here’s an example of the bait and switch tactic: A company offers to clean a room for an extraordinarily low price. Once they arrive, they inform you that the price does not include the cost of chemicals or cleaning agents, which are fundamentally important in carpet cleaning. When you agree to pay for the necessary chemicals, the final price on the bill is significantly higher than you expected when you hired the company. Another way a carpet cleaner will bait and switch a customer is by advertising multiple rooms cleaned for one low price, but upon arriving at your home, inform you that a small closet constitutes an entire room. These bait and switch tactics are used among retail sales companies everywhere, but permeate the carpet cleaning industry. When an employee of a bait and switch company enters your home, he or she may try to get you to agree to additional features or services, with the end result being a bigger commission. The employee may be pushy or demanding, and even use intimidation to do this!

The fail safe approach to avoiding bait and switch is to call Pasco Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service to deep clean your carpets and upholstery. Our technicians are committed to quality! Each technician has been extensively trained to the highest standards. We use the most trusted cleaning solutions and the most advanced deep cleaning equipment on the market. We guarantee soft, clean carpets, with no hidden costs or fees whatsoever. We pre-vacuum carpets & upholstery and pre-treat any stains and high traffic areas free of charge before proceeding with our high quality and quick-drying hot water extraction deep cleaning method. In other words, we are the best carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Pasco County Florida!

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