There's No Clean Like A Deep Clean!

Welcome to Pasco Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning service. We proudly provide carpet cleaning services in New Port Richey, Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel and all of Pasco County Florida. We work hard to deliver the professional deep cleaning services that you and your home deserve. When you’re searching for a quality carpet or upholstery cleaning company for your house, apartment, condo or office, you can count on us for prompt scheduling, phenomenal cleaning and courteous service!


Carpet Cleaning

We use only state-of-the-art equipment and employ only trained professionals, and we guarantee our service for each and every customer. Every job is vacuumed first with our powerful vacuums (with HEPA filtration) to ensure we remove deep down dirt and pet hair.  Next, we always use  Bissell's commercial grade Big Green deep cleaning machines to thoroughly deep clean your carpets, along with  Bissell's  pro advanced formulas with pet  odor eliminator and scotch guard. These machines work excellent for removing stains, pet dander and dust mite allergens, while helping protect your carpets from future stains with scotch guard.

Deep Cleaning Carpet

Upholstery Cleaning

We use the same deep cleaning method to clean upholstery as we do on carpets.  First, our friendly service techs will vacuum the upholstered furniture using a hand held turbine zip brush, which is the best tool for removing deep down dirt and pet hair. Then we use Bissell's Big Green deep cleaning  machine with the hose and upholstery attachment to deep clean your furniture removing stains and pet dander, leaving your furniture clean and fresh! As well as providing scotch guard protection. We also clean mattresses using the same deep cleaning method. Keeping your sleeping area clean is essential for allergy sufferers.

Deep Cleaning Furniture

  • We always pre-treat stains and pay special attention to any problem areas on carpets and upholstery.
  • The cleaning solutions we use to deep clean carpets and upholstery are completely safe for children and pets.

Deep Cleaning Your Home Helps Prevent Asthma Symptoms

Did you know? The most common indoor trigger of respiratory illnesses is the household dust mite, which can cause and exacerbate asthma in children and adults. 46 percent of homes have dust mite and pet dander allergens at levels high enough to trigger asthma symptoms. Our cleaning services will drastically lower allergen levels!